Learn to Swim

Ghana - Awutu Bereku - 2015-2016

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and the charitable organisation Educational Development Projects Trust (EDP), partnered in April 2015 in order to establish a "Learn to Swim" programme at the Awutu - Winton Senior High School (AWSHS) in Awutu Bereku, Ghana.

The support of the Foundation consists in the construction of a swimming pool within this school as well as the implementation of swimming instruction and raising awareness to water safety. The pool will be operational as of December 2015. 350 students from this school and also students from the neighboring region will benefit from it.

The AWSHS School is free of cost to its students which makes it unique. It thereby offers an opportunity for disadvantaged children to continue their education beyond middle school.

Adding swimming to their curriculum will help on the one hand tackle drowning in a country that not only has a coastline but also numerous lakes and rivers and on the other, to broaden their jobs prospects as fish farming is now a rapidly growing sector most notably on Lake Volta. This education will allow them to consider their careers in safe conditions.

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