Learn to Swim

Swimming pool opening in Ghana – 29.11.2016

On 29 November, the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation participated with its partner the charitable organisation Educational Development Projects Trust (EDP) in the official opening ceremony of the pool at the Awutu - Winton Senior High School (AWSHS) in Awutu Bereku in Ghana.
H.S.H. Princess Charlene declared the following in a congratulatory letter addressed to EDP:
“I am so encouraged to know that as a result of the partnership between Educational Development Projects Trust (EDP) and the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation that today we are able to officially open a new swimming pool in Awutu Bereku.
I hope that this wonderful facility will change the lives of the pupils at the Awutu-Winton Senior High School and inspire the local community.
My thanks go to all those who have given their time and expertise to this project and will continue to do so as we establish an exciting Learn to Swim and Water Safety programme in Ghana.
Together we will save lives.”
By donating this pool and financing swimming and water safety lessons, the Foundation is pleased to introduce swimming to the curriculum for the  440 students attending this high school.