Learn to Swim

Zimbabwe - Harare - October 2015 /2016

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation teamed up with the Kirsty Coventry Academy in October 2015 by financing a “Learn to Swim” programme in Harare, Zimbabwe. 
The Kirsty Coventry Academy, established earlier this year in Zimbabwe by the multiple world champion and olympic gold medalist, is a trust that benefits children by implementing sport and education programmes that save lives. So far the Academy has trained 2 swim coaches and is teaching 450 children to swim.
Between 2010 and 2013 Zimbabwe had over 2,000 reported drownings, but due to remote locations and lack of knowledge, many drownings go unreported.  The Academy decided to do something about this staggering number, and by working with the Mother Touch School, was able to put the programme SWIM=SAFE in place.
The Academy will also be carrying out a nation-wide water safety awareness campaign by speaking on the radio, appearing in national newspapers and distributing water safety pamphlets to 10 maternity clinics to help educate expectant mothers understand the importance of keeping their children water safe.
The Academy will further expand in 2016 as the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation continues to support them.

For more information: http://www.kirstycoventry.com/

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