July 25, 2021 - World Drowning Prevention Day

July 25, 2021, is the first World Drowning Prevention Day.

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, in accordance with World Health Organization recommendations and alongside other international organizations and national rescue societies, seizes the opportunity of this UN Day to recall the main drowning prevention measures:
  • Learn to swim, and learn lifesaving techniques if possible
  • Never let your children out of your sight
  • Always check children’s flotation devices
  • Avoid bathing alone
  • Acknowledge flags and bathing limits / instructions
  • Acknowledge your physical form
  • Do not drink alcohol before swimming and while bathing
  • In case of emergency, immediately call the 112 hotline
In a pool
  • Try bathing at the same time as your children
  • Designate an adult in charge of supervision
  • Always keep an eye on your children
  • Be particularly vigilant in ‘off-the-ground’ swimming pools devoid of security systems
At sea
  • Swim in supervised swimming areas
  • Swim with someone else or by signaling your swimming zone
  • Swim with an open water swim buoy
  • Swim parallel to the shore and not out to sea
Anyone can drown, no one should.