Partnership agreement between the Foundation & Shibuya Productions

On Thursday 7 October 2021, the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and Monegasque company Shibuya Productions signed a partnership agreement.

Shibuya Productions, a multimedia content production and publishing company, markets the Activ5 device in Monaco, designed for sport activity and personal development.
Activ5 is a connected pebble invented in Monaco, a small object giving access to a plethora of exercises and complete sheathing programs. Connected to an application, the system uses weight sensors to measure muscle strength and adapt exercise difficulty according to one’s real-time progress.

With this partnership, a limited edition of Activ5 will be distributed featuring the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation logo. Part of the profits from the sales of this original version will be donated to the Foundation, for the financing of projects highlighting the positive values of sport. Through the Sport & Education programme, the Foundation encourages sport activity for all and promotes the well-being and development of children.

A unique experience will also be made available by the Foundation at the Monaco Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo 2020: the ActiVSeven Heptathlon video game (iOS + Android), produced and developed by Shibuya Productions to be connected to the pebble and combine the pleasure of gaming with physical activity.

Mr. Cédric Biscay, CEO of Shibuya Productions:
"It is an honour for our company to design a special version of Activ5 in association with the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. Many thanks to H.S.H. Princess Charlene and Mr. Gareth Wittstock for their open-mindedness.
Shibuya Productions' wish to offer useful and sustainable entertainment has proved to be convincing and I am delighted about it. »

Mr. Gareth Wittstock, Secretary General of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation:
"This is a unique opportunity for the Foundation to partner with the special distribution of Activ5, an innovative and effective device. The Foundation is committed to positivity in sport, and Activ5 seeks above all to allow sport activity in an inclusive and intuitive way. Thanks to Mr. Biscay and Activ5 for their ongoing support over the past several years. »