Press Conference in Montreal, Québec - 06.05.2016

On 6 May the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation participated in a water safety event and press conference alongside their partner, Lifesaving Society Quebec, their Ambassador, Alexandre Bilodeau and the city of Montreal.  The programme that the Lifesaving Society runs for 8 year old children in and around Montreal is called “Swim to Survive” and is currently teaching 28,000 grade three students over two years how to swim.  More importantly it is also teaching them how to keep control if they accidentally fall into water including how to stay calm, how to roll over and float and how to spot a safe area to exit the water.
The day was extra special because not only did Foundation Ambassador and Canadian Olympic skiing champion Alexandre Bilodeau participate but so did two other Canadian Olympic diving champions, Sylvie Bernier and Annie Pelletier, who both support the programme.