"Stay Safe" project in Novi Sad, Serbia

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation is pleased to announce the start of its support of 14-year-old swimmer Aleksandra Popov, in a partnership with the Sportsko udruženje Halivik (Sports Association Halivik) for the “Stay Safe” project in Novid Sad, Serbia.

Since the age of 7, Aleksandra succeeded in beating most of the autistic spectrum symptoms thanks to water sports and swimming lessons, through the “Halliwick” method instilled by her coach Mr. Igor Bežanović. She is confident enough in the water and has developed sufficient communication skills to envisage spreading her knowledge and experience.

For 6 months, Aleksandra will be trained to become a water safety educator. With her motivation and her unique mindset, she is destined for the promotion of its learning to help others in performing water activities safely.

The Sports Association Halivik, represented by Mr. Bežanović, manages water activities and general sports activities for young people. It focuses on training non-swimmers aged 3 to 7, and holds a vision of educating all individuals, including those with disabilities which can be overcome with determination and with the proper teaching style.