The Crossing: Calvi - Monaco Water Bike Challenge

On September 12-13, 2020, two teams of 4 athletes crossed the Mediterranean between Corsica and Monaco.
From the port of Calvi, the aim was to reach the Principality in a minimum time, relaying on water bikes. Team Serenity, led by H.S.H. Princess Charlene, arrived 14 minutes ahead of team Notorious led by Gareth Wittstock.

This sporting challenge helped to promote the actions of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and raised funds for the fight against drowning.

The Foundation wishes to thank all those who participated in this adventure: David Tanner, Jérôme Fernandez, Mathew Bennett, Kevin Crovetto, Brandon Green, Guido Belinskis.
Thank you to Stephanie Geyer Barneix, Race Director, as well as the support teams present on board during the crossing.

Thank you to the City of Calvi for its warm welcome.
Thank you to the sponsors and partners of the race, and to the donators who made this Water Bike Challenge a success!