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Sport grant - Khwezi Duma - Swimmer

Khwezi was born on 12th September 2001 in Johannesburg, South Africa. She lived and grew up in Johannesburg with her parents and family. She started school in Johannesburg in 2008.
At the age of 8 she relocated to Durban with her family. The family settled in Kloof, Durban. 
Khwezi’s first sporting accolades started at the age of 8 where she was awarded a trophy for outstanding player by Garvz Sport Academy. She has since been involved in various sports such as hockey, netball, cross country, athletics, ballet, swimming, etc. She has always had a passion for aquatic sports namely swimming, diving and water polo.
Khwezi enjoys a healthy balance between her academic and her demanding sporting life. She enjoys unparalleled support from her family and a host of other interested parties, hence her outstanding academic and sporting progress.
Kelly Brittle has worked with Khwezi for some time now.  As a qualified physiotherapist, Kelly ensures that Khwezi’s right muscles are growing and stimulated properly.  She also monitors, rehabilitates and administers sports massages to Khwezi so as to prevent sports injuries and to ensure that she gets optimum recovery from her training.
Khwezi and Kelly have a very special relationship. Kelly is constantly looking for more innovative ways within the Sports Science discipline to enhance Khwezi’s sporting success through physical training.
2012 at 10 years old:
  • St Marys DSG, Kloof -  Swimming Colours
  • St Marys DSG, Kloof -  School Diving Team
  • St Marys DSG, Kloof - School Water Polo Team
  • St Marys DSG, Kloof - School Swimming Team
April 2012 – SA Junior Swimming Colours:
Khwezi participated in the South Africa Junior Colours at the age of 10.  She was the youngest member of the South African Junior Swimming Team that was selected to compete in Mozambique in the CANA (Confédération Africaine de Natation Amateur) Zone 3 & 4 Games. There were 14 countries competing in these games. Khwezi swam in the 12 year old category as that was the youngest age group she could compete in.
  • Silver Medal – 200m Backstroke
  • Bronze Medal – 100m Backstroke
  • 4th Place – 50m Backstroke
  • 4th Place – 100m Butterfly
  • 7th Place – 200m Individual Medley
July 2012 - Provincial Sporting Achievements:
Khwezi broke six meet records in the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Seals Prestige Gala.
  • 6 Meet Records
  • Victrix Ladorum and Top Point Scorer Overall for the Tournament
  • Level 3 (12 years and older) Qualifying Times in the following disciplines:
    • 100m Backstroke
    • 200m Backstroke
    • 100m Freestyle
September 2012 – KwaZulu-Natal Junior Champs 
Victrix Ladorum Trophy winner KwaZulu-Natal Junior Champs
National Age Group Records – Girls 10 years
Khwezi broke the 200m Backstroke National Age Group Record twice in one month:
  • 11th August 2012 - Broke the 200m Backstroke for girls 10 years
  • 25th August 2012 – Broke her own National Age Group record for 200m Backstroke
December 2012 - Provincial Achievements
KZN Aquelle Provincial Open Swimming Champs in December 2012
  • 7 Gold Medals
  • Victrix Ladorum for the Tournament

South African Level 3 (12 years and older) Swimming Nationals in March 2013
At the age of 11, Khwezi participated in the highest age group tournament - S.A. Level 3 Age Group Nationals in Durban in March 2013. Again she had to swim in an older age group as she was under-age for the tournament.
  • Bronze Medal in 100m Butterfly
  • 4th Place in 50m Backstroke
  • Finalist in 5 events
South African Level 3 (12 years and older) Swimming Nationals in March 2014
At the age of 12, Khwezi participated in the S.A. Level 3 Age Group Nationals in Cape Town in March 2014. The achievements were:
  • Gold Medal – 100m Butterfly
  • Gold Medal – 50m Butterfly
  • Silver Medal – 200m Backstroke
  • Silver Medal – 100m Backstroke
  • 4th Place in – 50m Backstroke
  • 4th Place in – 200m IM (Individual Medley)
In this tournament Khwezi achieved the Qualifying Times to compete in the Australian Age Group Nationals in April 2014 in the following events:
  • 200m Backstroke
  • 100m Backstroke
  • 100m Butterfly
Georgina Hope Swimmers Foundation Australian Age Group Nationals – April 2014
In this competition Khwezi had to compete in an older Age Group. 
She competed and achieved Personal Bests in:
  • 200m Backstroke
  • 100m Backstroke
National and Provincial Representations
2012 April - SA Junior Swimming Team for CANA Zone 3 & 4 – Mozambique

2012 December - Get The Girls To Gold Team – sponsored by Marie Claire and H.S.H. Princess Charlene of Monaco

2013 March - S.A. Junior Squad – FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) Points based selection

2013 May - Named scholarship recipient for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation

2013 October – KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Water Polo Under 13 Team

2014 April – Australian Swimming Team sponsored by Central Gauteng Aquatics (CGA) – competed in Georgina Hope Swimmers Foundation Australian Age Group Nationals

2014 September – Central Gauteng Aquatics Provincial Team – competed in Highveld Inter-Provincial Swimming Championships in Gauteng

2014 September - Provisional Squad – African Union Sports Council (AUSC)

2014 December – Region V Under 20 Youth Games 2014 – Competing in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe