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Sport grants - Jemma, Megan and Olivia Tully - Swimmers

The Tully Triplets
Jemma Tully
Jemma is 13 years old and is starting her first year of high school in 2016. Jemma learnt to stay above the water along with her triplet sisters at about 20 months old.  She was learning to swim and training with Dominique Donner, loyal supporter of the Princess Charlene of Monaco in South Africa, starting at the age of 8 and graduated to a more intense routine and training schedule shortly after her 12th birthday under the guidance of Mark Randall and swimming for Seals Swim Club.  Jemma has a definite passion for Breaststroke and in 2015 she won the KZN provincial champs for girls 12&13 in the 100m & 200m Breaststroke. She qualified for level 3 in these events and she is working towards the SA youth qualifying time, which would enable her to compete for her province at the Senior Nationals trials in April 2016.  She is increasing her range of events and has also qualified for level 3 in the 200 IM. Jemma represented her province, Kwa Zulu Natal, and medalled at the SA Still Water Lifesaving Champs in April 2015.

Megan Tully
Megan is 13 years old and is the youngest of her identical triplet sisters by 2 minutes.  She is starting high school in January 2016 at Ashton International College.  Megan likes to work hard in training and never shies away from difficult tasks, doing anything extra that is required of her.  Megan has a real passion in 3 of the 4 strokes and is working seriously on improving her Breaststroke.  Her highlight of the 2016 season so far has been her gaining her youth time which will enable her to compete at the SA Senior Nationals in April. Megan qualified for many finals and medalled in 3 events at KZN Champs in December 2015. She has gained level 3 times for 100 & 200m Backstroke, 100m Fly, 200 & 400m Freestyle and the 200m IM. Megan represented her province at the SA Surf Nipper Lifesaving Champs and the SA Still Water Lifesaving Champs in 2015 where she medalled in 3 events.

Olivia Tully
Olivia is the eldest of her 13 year old triplet sisters. In 2015 she completed a very busy final year of junior school at Umhlali Preparatory School, participating in first team Hockey, Netball and Swimming. Olivia is looking forward to starting high school in January 2016 and the opportunity to focus more on her  swimming and training. At the KZN Provincial Champs in December 2015 she qualified for Level 3 in the 100 backstroke and managed to final in the 50m & 100m Freestyle as well as the 100 & 200m Backstroke. Olivia represented her province and medalled in the surf swim at the SA Surf Nipper Lifesaving Champs in Port Elizabeth in March 2015.

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From left to right:  Jemma, Olivia, Megan