Water Safety

South Africa - Etete - 26.08.2014

On Tuesday the 26th August 2014, the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation hosted a water safety day out in the KwaZulu-Natal community of Etete, South Africa.

The children who participated in the event live nearby and were gathered in a local communal area organised by Summerhill House, a non-profit institution whose aim is to provide homes and personal transformation for orphaned and abandoned children.

The instruction was given by James, Ross and Mkhize, all three lifeguards and paramedics.

The talks covered water hazards in and around dams, rivers and the ocean. The children were taught CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), the vomit drill and how to treat those in a state of shock.

The day was a great success. The children as well as the instructors were delighted to be there.

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