Water Safety

Sudan - Aquatic Survival Intruction - 12-26.03.2015

With the help of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, Wales-based charity, Nile Swimmers, sent two volunteers to Khartoum, Sudan recently to start a new training programme to train instructors how to teach children key water safety messages.

Dan Graham and Becky Sindall worked with a team of Sudanese Sea Scout leaders.  Together, over a two-week period, they taught 17 adult men and 19 adult women to become “Basic Aquatic Survival Programme” instructors.

For the first time in Nile Swimmers' history, a female instructor went with them to train Sudanese women.  Women are often the primary child carers in families so they are in a great position to educate children and provide supervision.

Africa is known to have one of the world's highest drowning mortality rates.  This poses a major threat to the lives of thousands of villagers because despite rivers and lakes being used for daily chores, fishing and transportation, very few people in Sudan know how to swim.

The newly qualified instructors will be funded by Nile Swimmers to work to deliver the Aquatic Survival training through schools, mosques, and other community groups in the Khartoum area.  This work will be locally managed and co-ordinated by the first part-time employee of Nile Swimmers - Mai Elamin, also one of the female Aquatic Survival instructors.

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