Water Safety

​Water Safety – Santorini Island, Greece – 13.07.2016

Dr. Stathis Avramidis from the Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and the Hellenic Federation of Underwater Activity has been facilitating water safety lessons as part of the Hellenic National Water Safety Program and Lifesaving Sport Academy Program.
Two of the sessions took place on Santorini Island, Greece on 13.07.2016, for 40 children aged 4-16. During the sessions a children’s story book called "A Chance for Children" was read to the youths. The content of this book was inspired by the lives of Greg Bonann and Tai Collins, who founded the real A Chance for Children Foundation and created the TV series Baywatch.
After reading the story, which focusses on the non-fatal drowning of a young boy, the children spoke about their own experiences and similar incidences.  They practiced CPR alongside their mothers and also learned how to survive at sea.
This programme is supported by 18 organizations including the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation which funded the equipment. 
Similar events will continue to take place on Santorini Island as well as in other parts of Greece and it is expected that throughout 2016 this water safety education programme reaches more than 3,000 people.