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Learn to Swim at Awutu-Winton High School

Depuis 2015

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation has been in partnership with the Educational Development Projects Trust (EDP Trust) since 2015 in Awutu Breku, Ghana.

EDP Trust is a British family charity organization established in 2009, which manages and develops Awutu-Winton High School to help local youth broaden their career prospects.

A swimming pool was built in this high school to accommodate young people from the school and the surrounding municipalities. Until 2020, just over 9200 children and adults had benefited from swimming and water safety lessons funded by the Foundation.

Awutu-Winton High School has the particularity of offering free high-level secondary education.

The Foundation’s support of EDP Trust and the school has been renewed until 2025, with the outlines remaining the same: teaching children how to swim, raising awareness of drowning prevention, and training new swimming teachers and water safety instructors.

This initiative aims to reduce drowning risks in the Awutu Senya region, which is host to many bodies of water.

Project goals:

To teach children how to swim and educate them about drowning prevention.

To train new swimming teachers and water safety instructors.


children will take swimming lessons


people will be trained to become new lifeguards


children will follow water safety and drowning prevention courses