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Kribi Project

Depuis 2020

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation supports the Kribi Project implemented by the Royal Life Saving Society of Cameroon, which oversees the practice of lifesaving sports and offers lifeguard training throughout the country.

This project aims to raise awareness of water safety among young people, and to train volunteers in drowning prevention and first aid in the coastal town of Kribi, which records many cases of drowning every year.

By teaching them to become lifeguards and certifying them in rescue techniques and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, teenagers and young adults in Kribi will be able to find employment, including working in swimming pools and on beaches in the region.

Since 2014, the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) have joined forces on numerous occasions to combat drowning.

The RLSS is a British charity, established in 1891, whose main mission is to educate about drowning prevention and water safety, so that everyone can enjoy water environments safely and peacefully.

The RLSS has many affiliated branches in several Commonwealth countries, and one branch exists in Cameroon: the RLSS Cameroon Branch.

Project goals:

To train lifesaving instructors.

To introduce young people to a first experience in lifesaving and lifesaving sports.

To educate children about drowning prevention.


children followed survival swimming and water safety courses


children took lessons in water safety


teachers were trained to give theoretical water safety classes